Resources On The Gospel According To John From

Here is a goldmine of resources I want to recommend from INTRODUCTIONS, OUTLINES & STUDIES Introductions, Outlines & Studies Gospel of John Introduction – Author, Date, Background, Theological Themes, Interpretative Challenges, Outline by John MacArthur COMMENTARIES John Calvin John 1John 2John 3John 4John 5John 6John 7John 8John 9John 10John 11John 12John 13John 14John 15John 16John … More Resources On The Gospel According To John From

God’s Gospel Of Grace (Free Ebook)

Authors Various :Thomas Boston, J. I . Packer, Thomas Manton, J. C. Ryle, C. H. Spurgeon, A. W. Pink, John Owen, Jonathan Edwards, John Calvin and more. Formats: EPUB, .MOBI & .PDF About Book: God’s Gospel of Grace is a unique collection of outstanding messages from past centuries on the doctrine of salvation. These authors describe with a unified voice … More God’s Gospel Of Grace (Free Ebook)

The True Worshipper

John 4:20-24 John Chapter 4 is a popular narration in the gospel of John where an encounter between Jesus and a Samaritan woman is recorded. In this encounter, many truths emerge as Jesus engages the Samaritan woman who, on hindsight in the narrative, we also know was an adulterous woman. Firstly, Jesus breaks a racial … More The True Worshipper