Whatever deeds we do as Christians we do as a result of His grace working in us. Because of the gracious character of these works, we have nothing of which to boast in ourselves.

Often the biblical doctrine of justification by faith alone is misunderstood to mean that good works have nothing to do with the Christian life. On the contrary, they have everything to do with the Christian life, as they are essential to our sanctification. The doctrine of justification by faith alone teaches that our works contribute nothing to our justification. Our justification rests squarely on the works of Christ alone. But we can still say that though we are justified by faith alone, our rewards in heaven are distributed according to our works. This “according to” does not mean that our works merit a reward. They do not. Our best works remain tainted with sin to such a degree that Augustine called them “splendid vices.” Augustine also taught that when God rewards our works in heaven, this is a reward grace and is, as it were, God’s crowning His own work.

Since our election is unto conformity to Christ and unto good works, we see the love of God working in our redemption from beginning to end, from election to the divine initiative by which we are brought to Christ, to the end goal of our glorification… The author of Hebrews declared that God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Yet, it is only the believer who diligently seeks God. Paul taught that by nature no one seeks after God (Rom. 3:11). The seeking of God begins at conversion; it does not end there. It is the regenerate person who seeks God and makes seeking after God the main business of his or her life.

~Adapted from Chapter  Seven of God’s Love: How The Infinite God Cares For His Children[kindle edition] by R.C. Sproul.


5 thoughts on “Justification By Faith Alone

  1. Justification may have come to us by the free Gift of God, the Grace for all mankind, but when there are no works of faith we shall be nothing with that free gift, because if we prefer to live our old life and would keep sinning without showing remorse, we shall miss the entry to the Kingdom of God.

    Without works of faith the chance may well be we’ll end up like all others who do not believe in Christ nor in God … dying and returning to dust, to become nobody.


    1. Where works is absent, we can comfortably conclude a person has not encountered the grace of God. Grace positions us to walk in the good works we were created for (Eph 2:10). It is a misnomer to “prefer to live our old life and…keep sinning without showing remorse” if indeed we have encountered grace “No one born of God makes a practise of sinning (1John 3:9)


      1. The one under Grace having become a child of God makes an effort (which demands lots of work sometimes) not to sin and as such like the apostle John says “he cannot continue sinning, because he has God as his Father.”


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