Legalism could be definied as any attempt to rely on self-effort (even partly) to either attain or maintain our just standing before God. In Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians he warned them sternly about such false understandings of the gospel when he asked the offenders: “After beginning with the Spirit, are you now trying to … More Legalism

Anticipating Heaven

Do I as a living, breathing, conscious person have a concrete hope for my future? What do I have to look forward to? At times, when I discover that my own spirit is sagging and a sense of heaviness intrudes on me, I sometimes wonder why the gloomy cloud is perched above my head. Biblical eschatology … More Anticipating Heaven

The Divine Inspiration Of The Bible

By Arthur W. Pink Freedownload: available Formats : PDF // Kindle //EPUB Copyright: Christian Classics Ethereal Library Introduction Christianity is the religion of a Book. Christianity is based upon the impregnable rock of Holy Scripture. The starting point of all doctrinal discussion must be the Bible. Upon the foundation of the Divine inspiration of the Bible stands or … More The Divine Inspiration Of The Bible

Christ Is All

Freedownload here ||PDF|| EPUB || MOBI|| Copyright: Chapel Library Excerpt: Let all who want to be saved apply directly to Christ. Let me say another thing. Is Christ all? Then let all who want to be saved, apply directly to Christ. There are many who hear of Christ with the ear and believe all they are told about Him. … More Christ Is All